SALSA, specifically the LA Style or the International Style, is a very special kind of dance which strength lies in its highly energetic, romantically expressive movements, full with tricks that make it so attractive. The character of this dance and the dynamics of the accompanying Latin music generates a cheerful, warm ambience to the atmosphere of every event and occasion.


The LA Style of SALSA is indeed an elegant, refined form of dance style rooted back from the classic ever sensual Cuban SALSA. It then dynamically adopted many influences coming from Ballet, Ballroom, Modern, Jazz, Tap, Tango, and even Hip-Hop, Break-dance and many others.
Being able to dance SALSA is not just a ticket to a fun socializing, but it is also a good way to maintain an ideal feminine body posture for women and masculine character for men. The effort to harmonize with your dance partner is a good exercise for a fresh way of seeing yourself and others. The challenge to master automated self control that is exposed to you therein will bring you to a breakthrough. You will NOT regret your choice to jump into this exciting and wondrous world of  SALSA with LA PAREJA.. It is OUR AIM that if you learn SALSA with us, eventually you can show off your skills with any partner you meet in most parts of the world.