We have affiliations with a rank of prominent venues as our teaching centers as an addition to our home base studio CASA DE LA PAREJA (read: kasa de la pareha’, meaning House of The Couple), as well as affiliations with merchants who become our business counterparts in providing more services to our treasured members. We are continuing on developing more and more new members of the community of performing arts lovers, specifically SALSA goers as our prime biz core, throughout Jakarta and Indonesia.
LA PAREJA (Spanish, read : la pareha’, meaning The Couple), being a creative venture specializing on the teaching and performance of LA Style SALSA, was initiated in 2003 and was officially inaugurated later in 2004. Founded by Hetty Reksoprodjo and Reza Nirvananda, being highly committed to the world of performing arts.
As time goes by, the business has been increasing and LA PAREJA has established itself, with teaching assistants and supporting dancers, being under close supervision and training by Hetty herself. We respectfully treat every job opportunity with great dedication to meet the ultimate satisfaction that goes for all parties. That very principle has proven to keep us successfully long in the business. As an expansion of our Salsa business activity, Casa de la Pareja also acts as event conceptor and organizer, talent coordinator and agent for top performers and instructors coming from other kinds of entertainment fields such as MC, Latin Band, Latin DJ, Indonesian traditional dance, Ballroom Dance, Argentinian Tango, Belly Dance, Flamenco, Capoeira, etc.
With the principles of mutual respect and open management, we always seek to generate a synergy, internally between ourselves as a solid team, as well as externally with the clients and counterparts so as to achieve the best result for a shared long term benefit. That's what makes LA PAREJA the perfect name whenever the need arises either for an entertainment purpose or exercise relating to the field of expertise, and to have it work in an ethically professional and cooperative manner.