Risma Fadillah

Mama n Om Dora...
 "Hi all, how r' u doin? I'm one of a former student of La Pareja...:-) Honestly this is the 1st testi I ever share...hehehehehe rd coz sometimes I found it's hard to describe my feeling. Enywai guys, It's been 2 years since the first time I knew Casa de la Pareja from one of gym centre. It's strange and unique name brought my curiossity....as at first I thought it was name of the salsa instructor from outer space hehehehe...So from silly, naughty but funny batman trap from Ivan and Rof...:-) I joined the class which was give me not only great lesson and excitement, but also meet new friends, new community and family. To Mama Hetty, thanks for your caring and patience..you're such a great teacher and performer I ever met...wanna teach me again... after break for quite sometime...I think I need to refresh nih...Stay in touch yah... "